About us

The firm “Petromet” LLC is founded in 2001, with main economic activity the manufacturing of aluminum blanks of refrigerator vaporizer. The company produces different modules for refrigerators of the worldwide German company “Liebherrhausgeraete,” which is our primary client.

“Saris” LLC is a company founded in 1991 with experience in designing, manufacturing and installing aluminum systems (bearing walls, balcony opening systems, curtain walls, and unconventional interior and exterior designs).  Apart from the aluminum products, the company designs and produces all of the glass elements necessary to complete the final product.
Our experience over the years in manufacturing products for heat transportation on one side from “Petromet” LLC and working up aluminum and glass on the other side from “Saris” LLC gave us the opportunity to start a new project in 2011 for developing infrared heating on a high efficiency level. It was called with a new brand Sarisenergy and we strongly believe that infrared heating will establish itself as ecological alternative to conventional heating systems.
The company constantly works on improving the heating elements and the efficiency of the panels. The core of the infrared panels is manufactured in one of the most contemporary German companies on the market. The ceramic heaters are produced by a leading Swedish company. All of the components are made from the highest quality materials of European manufacturers. Our infrared heaters provide good health, economic benefits as well as reliability to our clients. All of the heaters have CE mark and are manufactured under the high quality management of ISO 9001:2008 according to Tuv Nord GmbH. We give 5 years warranty to all of our products.