Frequently asked questions

The main difference is that convection heaters (radiators, fan heaters, storage heaters etc.) heat the air whereas infrared heats solid objects – the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and people.
For our heating you do not need a boiler, pipe work or fuel storage facilities that are required for gas, oil or solid fuel heating systems, so the installation is much simpler and quicker. Furthermore, there is no maintenance or servicing costs. We will be happy to provide you with a quote, please contact our distributor nearby!
No, our heater is operated in a low temperature. The surface temperature is between 95 C° to 100 C°. And the hot feeling is different compared with the hot water with the temperature of 95- 100 degree. After touching the hot surface you would naturally pull away, but this is not the case with our product.
Not suggested. Infrared heaters are mainly considered to use for the zone heating, so it’s not suggested to use them for outdoor use.
Generally speaking, our heaters can be considered as the first choice for all kind of the indoor heating application, yes, it can be also used as primary heating source.
The exploitation period of our panels is approx. 100 000 h work, which allocated in time during the heating season, hours of work a day and so on is a period of 30-40 years.
The warranty of each infrared panel heater that we offer is 5 years.
The time for a panel to reach its maximum heating power is 7-15 minutes (depends on the model). The time for compete cooling is up to 20-25 minutes, in which period the panel still heats. The surface temperature that our panels reach is from 95 to 100 C° (depends on the model). The time needed to heat a room depends on its characteristics but it varies from 2 hours to a day or two. Because hard bodies, objects, surfaces heat up much slowly compared to air, the time needed for initial heating is a bit longer. But on the other hand – they heat up slow but also cool off slow, meaning they accumulate much more heat and devote it longer then air.
Yes, of course they can. We recommend thermostat usage because when using one you are able to control the work of the panels and realize huge energy savings and thus – money. As earlier stated – with correct calculation of the needed heating power, the time needed for the panels to work would be about 9 to 11 hours, that is calculated when a thermostat is used to control the work of the panels. If you don’t use a thermostat, the panel will work almost all the time except when it stops to protect itself from overheating thanks to the installed self-protect sensor. Without a thermostat the panel will work about 20-22 hours a day stopping only for self-protection. According to our calculation, the money invested in a thermostat returns in about 2-3 depending on the type of thermostat.
They can be used for heating apartments, houses, offices stores, separate rooms, bathrooms – having covered the IP 44 standard, gives you the opportunity to use our panels in wet areas and in rooms with high level of humidity. They can be used for zonal heating, for separate work spaces or for spaces with high circulation of people, while the heating of a whole industrial area would need huge heating power. Our panel heaters can be used pretty much everywhere.
There are many ways of buying and receiving our panels. You can come and pick it up from our factory/warehouse. If this is not an option for you we can organize the transport for you, just send us the address of your warehouse and we are going to give you a quotation for the transport cost. Or you can look for one of our distributors nearby.